What does it mean to train like an athlete?

Steve Hargett, CSCS

At Dynamic Athletix we have an approach of treating each individual that enters our facility the same as an elite level athlete. “Train like an athlete” is our mantra and we’ve been asked many times what this statement means. “Train like an athlete” does not mean come into the training facility and do a variety of different exercises performed by elite level athletes on television specials or Youtube. What we are talking about with our athletic training approach is purposeful training, with focus on getting better each day for the specific sport or goal that YOU the athlete wish to accomplish.

At Dynamic Athletix this could mean making an athlete faster, stronger, leaner, more resistant to injury, or helping them rehab from an injury. These same components that we have had success with in training athletes applies to every client that sets foot in our facility. Train like an athlete means, proper evaluation of the client and their goals. Do the logistics work out? Is the client/athlete prepared to put in the amount of work necessary to accomplish their goals? Is the goal realistic or attainable?

Once we have established your goals, the next step is to assess and evaluate you so we have an understanding of your physical abilities and potential limitations.

The physical evaluation consists of a movement screen and muscle imbalance and contractile efficiency assessment. We use Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Both of these assessments give us an understanding of the abilities and limitations of the individual’s muscle system.

With the data collected we are able to put together a science based training program that is effective, and safe for you. This applies to our adult population almost more so then our athletes. As we age, or shall I say “live longer”, it becomes more important to train our bodies to be resistant to injuries so we can continue doing the things that make us happy. In a sense, this training is designed to increase quality of life.

At Dynamic Athletix it is our belief that training an individual without a proper evaluation and assessment could potentially be dangerous and harmful. Many exercises are inappropriate if the athlete does not have neuromuscular control of a specific range of motion.

At Dynamic Athletix “TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE,” means the use of a safe, educated, and science-based system to evaluate and train clients and athletes to help them accomplish their goals.

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