You need more core strength

Many people have been told they need to increase core strength. Does this mean do hundreds of crunches, minute long planks, or the latest core strength exercise that was demonstrated in the Golfer’s digest? Maybe and maybe not. I will let you in on a killer tip that will help you understand how you need to train your “core”. Let’s start by changing our idea of training the core to stabilizing the trunk and spine. You don’t need to understand each muscle that stabilizes your hips and spine, we are going to start with something much more simple.

You spine moves in 6 different directions; flexion, extension, lateral flexion left and right, and rotation left and right. Flexion and extension is forward bending and extending backward, lateral flexion is bending to the side, and rotation left and right is rotating your spine left and right in a horizontal plane. We need to strengthen our trunk and spine to better handle these movements.

Training your body to better handle these movements does not necessarily mean performing repetitions of those movements. At Dynamic Athletix we use exercises or resistance to resist these motions of flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation. A simple example of this concept is a plank or side plank. When an individual properly holds a plank they are resisting spinal extension by stabilizing their trunk and spine to keep their hips off the ground. In a side plank they are resisting lateral flexion by stabilizing their pelvis and spine to keep their hips off the ground. The duration of these exercises does not need to be the point of fatigue, they should be performed as long as the individual can maintain efficient muscle contraction in the position. These exercises can be regressed or progressed depending on the individual and their abilities.

One of our favorite exercises for core stability: side plank arm fan (resisting lateral flexion and rotation).

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